Comprehensive Moving & Packing Services

Streamline the relocation process with moving and packing services from our company in Sarasota, Florida. To make your move more convenient and efficient, Freedom Movers Inc. specializes in:


We offer competitive rates and quotes for all of your moving needs, whether it involves one piece of furniture or the entire household. To save you money, we're now offering Summer specials on all local and intrastate moves. Discounts on full-service moves that include packing and materials are also available along with unpacking at discounted rates. For more details, Please call or email at


By specializing in building crates, we provide you with the exact sizes you require.

Local/Statewide Moving (on-Time Pick-up & Delivery Dates)

Enjoy the same rates on all moves, locally or within the state, on weekdays or weekends. For your convenience, we have trucks going to Tallahassee, Ocala, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and all points in between. Load or unloading services for your rental truck are also available.

Long-Distance Moving

Summer rates on all long-distance moves are currently available from Freedom Movers Inc. Save with discounts on full-service moves, including packing and materials. For more details or to set up your free estimate, call or email our long-distance consultant. (941) 358-4984 and

Pickups & Deliveries

Avoid the backbreaking work of lifting and hauling your new furniture by letting us do the job. We provide pickups and deliveries of sofas, bedroom sets, living room sets, and much more from furniture stores. Call our moving consultant to set up your pickup and delivery date. (941) 358-4984 and